How Do You Stay Healthy? Suggestion And Tips

Last month, I visited a suburb and I was surprised that there are more than 60 percent of people suffering from poor health. They looked very awful. Some of them are suffer from obesity and other people have liver and heart problem. When I asked then the reason, they told me that the only cause of this unhealthiness is due to insufficient and unbalanced diet foods.

If you want to stay healthy then you have to maintain a proper diet plan. Whatever you eat every day, all should contain carbohydrates, proteins, fibers and proteins.

Eating habits:

Most of the people in America and European countries suffer from obesity. Now this is a big issue in the world. You can see lots of books on obesity in the market and if you study those books then you can find that, the only cause of the obesity if irregular food habits and intake huge amount of fatty acids. If you want to prevent obesity then you should decrease your calorie level. You can easily control the calorie level by maintaining your food habit.

You should prepare a food chart by controlling your calories level

• You can eat fruits, whole grains, vegetables, fat less milk products and lean proteins. These amounts of food ingredients help you to control your calories level.
• On the other part, you have to avoid some foods like, saturated fats, sugar, alcohol and cholesterol. Because, they are the main source of the unhealthiness.
• Do not eat excess and you should control your food habits.
• The most important thing, do not skip your breakfast. It is the first meal every day and you need some protein and vitamins contain food at your breakfast. Apart from that, if you skip your breakfast, then your empty stomach increases your calories level instantly.
• Try to eat some small food dish like, fruits, nuts, soup and bread, in between your main course meal.
• Drink plenty of water regularly because it will maintain your metabolic system.

Exercise routine:

If you plan your diet and eat balanced calories per day then also you need to lose your extra fat and calories from your body. It is only possible by maintaining regular exercise. There are many instructor and bodybuilders available who trained people to lose their weight within a short time. It is suggested to avoid these fake personals and take advices from professionals certified gym instructors only.

You first ask to your doctors about your body weight and exercise regiments. then you have to find out how to detox your body naturally If your doctors tell you that you are completely fit and your body weight is totally proportionate with your height then you can start by some small workout every day. Mau be now your body calories intake run properly but in feature, you can intake huge amount of calories suddenly and your weight will be maximum. So be careful and start exercising now.

Walking is one of the best calories burn methods. If you think that you are suffering from overweight then you can walk to control your calories and it will make your body strong and you will look smart also.

Staying Healthy With A Stress Free Life Style

My grandmother suddenly got a heart attack and she passed away in the last month. I was totally shocked and did not reconnect with my memory updated. My family physician suggested me to take some medication, rest and if possible then I can try some meditation process also. After getting a short meditation course, I was completely alright and now I am doing some meditation every day.

Why meditation is very important for us?

Through a meditation process you can recognize your thought and creativity. It can help you to grow your mental health and you feel totally mental stress free. In our current busy schedule, we cannot concentrate on our health. If you do some meditation every day then you can live a healthy life.

• You can join any meditation group in your locality. They will help you to learn the accurate process of meditation. You can feel some positive energy.
• You can get admitted in a mental awareness course also, the therapist will teach you the emotional aspects of yours. Your mental strength your assets and you can work with your creativity through your mental ability. So if you join this course, then they will bring your mental strength within a short time and you can learn the proper process of meditation also.
• If you feel stress then it is suggested to take some rest. Else you can go for a short vacation with your family.
• You can so some social work in your spare time also. If you are an animal lover then you can pass your time with some pets. Apart from this, you can help others in some way like; you can visit some orphanage and donate some money or spend some time with their children in your pass time. It will divert your mind and you feel something positive.

Eating healthy and live long life

• You should avoid fatty acids and calories.
• You should intake huge amounts of vegetables, carbohydrates, proteins, fruits and whole grains.
• If you want to lose weight within a short time then you should concentrate on you calories intake capacity. You should eat less calories food ingredients every day.
• It is suggested to eat at least six meals per day. Do not skip any meal. Some people think that if they skip their meal then they can lose weight easily, but it is a wrong concept. You should maintain a proper diet plan.
• Try to maintain the food timing. You should sketch a daily routine for your meals and eat all meals at proper time.
• If you are a party goer then you might be taken some alcohol frequently. It is suggested not to drink alcohol per day. It is very harmful to your health and it will damage your liver within a short time. So please try to consume less alcohol.
• Drink plenty of water per day. It will maintain your immunity and digestive system properly.

How To Stay Healthy?

I am working in a multinational company and due to heavy work pressure; I suffer from acute headache every day. For instant relief, I used to take some pain killer medication but after few months, some liver problems started and I was totally bed-ridden. My doctor prescribed me to take rest at least ten days and I should control my life style and food habits. Now I am alright and it was possible only because of proper medication and healthy life style maintains.

Mental healthiness:

You should try to keep your mind stress free. In the daily work pressure, it is almost impossible but if you feel that you are suffering from some head pain and stomach problem then you should take rest for a couple of days. Work is important but if you health does not support to work then rest is the only solution.

• You can read some classic or your favorite books in your pass time. Please do not read after dinner or bed time. If you feel that, those chapters of the book which have already finished but you do not recall them quickly, then you might be suffering from Alzheimer. In that case, you can consult your doctors or you can try some medication.
• If you constant working and you do not have the time to get rest, then you can play some puzzle game at your pass time. Because it will divert your mind. For heavy work pressure, you can feel that your mind stop working suddenly and you could not relate any things. In that situation, if you play some puzzle, then the innovative parts of this game can bring your memory performance again.
Social gathering and feeling healthy
Firstly, you should concentrate on your relationships. You have some responsibility in your family and you should maintain them.
• You can spend some time with your family. You can play with your children also. But some relatives are not suitable in future because they will try to manipulate the relationship. It is suggested to stay away from these kinds of relatives and spend your happy time with your wife, children, father and mother.
• You can spend some time with your friend circle also. That does not mean the social networking friends. You can call up your childhood friends and plan a party in a week.
• Sex life is very important for staying healthy. You should maintain a proper sex life and it will keep your health stronger. Sex activities maintain your immune system and decrease body pain. But it is suggested to have sex safely to prevent disease.

Staying healthy with foods

You should concentrate your food habits. Carbohydrates, proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals are very important for health and you should maintain a balance diet plan including all of these. It is suggested to eat plenty of water, fruits, broccoli, fish, meat, beans, vegetables and milk products every day. But count the food calories intake before eating.

I also took the advice of Rebecca, a holistic health expert who really knows her stuff!